Problem: State whether each of the following will be more soluble in ethanol or hexaneI. methane II. NH3 III. Na2CO3a. hexane, ethanol, hexaneb. ethanol, hexane, ethanolc. hexane, ethanol, ethanold. ethanol, hexane, hexanee.ethanol, ethanol, ethanol

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We're being asked which solvent (ethanol vs hexane) is more soluble to methane (CH4), NH3 and Na2CO3

In this case, we have to analyze ethanol (CH3CH2OH) and hexane (C6H14) and determine the dominant intermolecular force present in each compound. 

Remember the rule like dissolves like where polar compounds are more soluble to polar solvents and non-polar compounds to non-polar solvents

Recall that there are several types of intermolecular forces (IMF):

1. Ion-ion interaction – occurs between two ions. Strongest IMF

2. Hydrogen bonding – occurs in compounds where hydrogen is directly connected to an electronegative element such as N, O, or F; 2nd strongest IMF

3. Dipole-dipole interaction – occurs between two polar covalent compounds; 3rd strongest IMF

4. Dispersion forces – occurs in all compounds and is the primary IMF exhibited by nonpolar compounds; weakest IMF

Analyzing the solvents:

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State whether each of the following will be more soluble in ethanol or hexane

I. methane II. NH3 III. Na2CO3

a. hexane, ethanol, hexane

b. ethanol, hexane, ethanol

c. hexane, ethanol, ethanol

d. ethanol, hexane, hexane

e.ethanol, ethanol, ethanol