Problem: Which involves the greatest increase in entropy?a. H2O(l, 100°C) → H2O(s, 0°C)b. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(s, 0°C)c. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(l, 100°C)d. H2O(l, 100°C) → H2O(g, 100°C)e. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(g, 0°C)

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We’re being asked to predict which has the greatest entropy (ΔS) for the given reactions. Recall that if:

• ΔS > 0 or ΔS = (+); entropy is increased

• ΔS < 0 or ΔS = (–); entropy is decreased

Remember that phase changes lead to a change in entropy:

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Which involves the greatest increase in entropy?

a. H2O(l, 100°C) → H2O(s, 0°C)

b. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(s, 0°C)

c. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(l, 100°C)

d. H2O(l, 100°C) → H2O(g, 100°C)

e. H2O(g, 100°C) → H2O(g, 0°C)