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Solution: The diagram represents solid carbon dioxide, also known as d...


The diagram represents solid carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice. Which of the diagrams below best represents the dry ice after it has sublimed into a gas? 

Video Transcript

Hey guys in this question we're given an image of basically 2 red spheres connected to a black sphere and they're all packed tightly to each other around each other. Now they're telling us here that they give us 3 options A B and C and they're saying which one represents the dry ice after theyÕre sublimed into a gas? Now sublime, sublimation what does this mean? Sublimation represents a physical change, sublimation is when a solid skips the liquid phasing and goes straight to the gas phase so solid quickly becomes a gas so here we're not changing the chemical makeup of the compound all we're doing is we're changing phases we're going between solid, liquid and gas, so as a result the molecules should still look this way they're just going to be more spaced out they're going to transition from being solid where they're tightly packed together to being gas where they're more spread out from one another, as a result of this because it's a physical change option C would have to be our answer because option C still shows each molecule looking like this it just shows them farther apart representing that the solids have converted into gaseous.