Problem: Classify CH3COOHa. strong acidb. weak acidc. strong based. weak basee. salt

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We’re being asked to classify CH3COOH.

Recall the different types of acids and bases:

Bases are characterized by three major features: they may possess metals, they may have a negative charge or they may be an amine

Strong base:

Any Group 1A metal when combined with OH-, H-, O2- or NH2- makes a strong base
Any Group 2A metal (from Ca2+ to Ba2+when combined with OH-, H-, O2- or NH2- makes a strong base

Most acids have one common feature and that is the presence of the hydronium ion, which is represented by H+ or H3O+.

Weak acids are weak electrolytes that don’t completely ionize but instead reach a state of equilibrium. 

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Problem Details

Classify CH3COOH

a. strong acid
b. weak acid
c. strong base
d. weak base
e. salt

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