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Ch.1 - Intro to General Chemistry
Ch.2 - Atoms & Elements
Ch.3 - Chemical Reactions
BONUS: Lab Techniques and Procedures
BONUS: Mathematical Operations and Functions
Ch.4 - Chemical Quantities & Aqueous Reactions
Ch.5 - Gases
Ch.6 - Thermochemistry
Ch.7 - Quantum Mechanics
Ch.8 - Periodic Properties of the Elements
Ch.9 - Bonding & Molecular Structure
Ch.10 - Molecular Shapes & Valence Bond Theory
Ch.11 - Liquids, Solids & Intermolecular Forces
Ch.12 - Solutions
Ch.13 - Chemical Kinetics
Ch.14 - Chemical Equilibrium
Ch.15 - Acid and Base Equilibrium
Ch.16 - Aqueous Equilibrium
Ch. 17 - Chemical Thermodynamics
Ch.18 - Electrochemistry
Ch.19 - Nuclear Chemistry
Ch.20 - Organic Chemistry
Ch.22 - Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Ch.23 - Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds

Calculate the vapor pressure (in torr) at 298 K in a solution prepared by dissolving 32 g of the non-volatile non-electrolye glucose in 186 g of methanol. The vapor pressure of methanol at 298 K is 122.7 torr. Enter your answer to 2 decimal places.

a. 97.06 torr

b. 119.06 torr

c. 149.2 torr

d. 24.8 torr

e. 21.14 torr


We’re being asked to calculate the vapor pressure (in torr) at 298 K in a solution prepared by dissolving 32 g of the non-volatile non-electrolyte glucose in 186 g of methanol (CH3OH). The vapor pressure of methanol at 298 K is 122.7 torr

For this problem, follow the steps:

Step 1. Establish the necessary equations and the van't Hoff factor

Step 2. Find the mole fraction of methanol (solvent)

Step 3. Calculate the vapor pressure

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