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Solution: Convert each temperature .  d. 2.735 K to °C (average tempe...


Convert each temperature . 

d. 2.735 K to °C (average temperature of the universe as measured from background black body radiation)

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this video we're going to convert Kelvin into degrees Celsius so here in our question we have 2.735 kelvin and we have to convert it to degrees Celsius so our equation here is Kelvin equals 273.15 + degrees Celsius, now remember sometimes the professors will just say 273 other times they'll say 273.15 to be as precise and accurate as possible it's always best to use the 0.15 so here we're going to plug in the Kelvin which is 2.735 which equals 273.15 + degrees Celsius so now we're going to subtract that from both sides 273.15 and we'll get our degrees Celsius down here so degrees Celsius will equal -270.415 Kelvin and that's all we have to do can of to convert Kelvin into degree Celsius.