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Solution: Convert each temperature . b. 22 °C to K (approximate room ...


Convert each temperature .

b. 22 °C to K (approximate room temperature)

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this video we are going to convert one unit of temperature to a new unit of temperature so let's take a look at the question, so here it says we have to convert 22 degree Celsius into Kelvin, now remember the equation that we use here is Kelvin is equal to 273.15 + degrees Celsius so here remember that Professor sometimes will give you 273 by itself, half the time they will give you 273.15 to be as accurate and as correct as possible it's good to use the 0.15 portion so here what we do now is we plug in the 22 and so that gives me 295.15 Kelvin and it's all we have to do, this equation is a great way to connect Kelvin to degree Celsius.