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Solution: Convert each temperature. d. 98.6 °F to K (body temperature)...


Convert each temperature. 

d. 98.6 °F to K (body temperature) 

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this question we're asked to convert one unit of temperature to a new unit of temperature so let's take a look at the question, we have to convert 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit into Kelvin, now remember here what we do is we change degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Celsius and from degree Celsius to Kelvin, degree Celsius is the bridge that connects Fahrenheit and Kelvin together so we're going to start off by saying degrees Celsius equals 5/9 times (degrees Fahrenheit - 32) , plug in the 98.6, remember order of operations we do what's in parentheses first then you multiply the answer by 5/9, here you should get 37 degree Celsius. Now we have to convert degree Celsius into Kelvin, so remember here Kelvin equals 273.15 + degree Celsius, now remember professors half the time to either keep the 0.15 from 273 or they don't use it, to be as accurate as possible you should write up the whole number 273.15, so we do 273.15 + the 37 we just found so that gives me 310.15 Kelvin, so remember it's paramount that you guys remember the basic understanding that degree Celsius connects Fahrenheit and Kelvin together but also important to remember what the formulas are that help us to go from one unit of temperature to a new unit of temperature.