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Solution: Convert each temperature.  b. 77 K to °F (temperature of li...


Convert each temperature. 

b. 77 K to °F (temperature of liquid nitrogen) 

Video Transcript

Hey guys, in this question we're asked to go from one unit of temperature to new unit of temperature so here they're giving us 77 kelvin and we have to convert it into degrees Fahrenheit so remember the connection is we can go from kelvin to degrees Celsius and from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit so degrees Celsius represents the bridge that connects Kelvin and Fahrenheit together so we're going to first use Kelvin equals 273.15 + degrees Celsius, now half the time you professor will plug in that 0.15 half the time they won't to be as precise and as accurate as possible always remember to put in the 0.15 so it's 77 here equals 273.15 + degree Celsius, we're going to subtract from both sides 273.15, OK? So that's going to give me degrees Celsius equals -196.15 degrees Celsius. Here we're not done yet we have to go to Fahrenheit so what's the formula for Fahrenheit in degrees Celsius so Fahrenheit equals 9/5 times degrees Celsius + 32, so 9/5 times -196.15+32 so remember order of operations is we multiply these 2 numbers together first and then we would add the 32 next, if we do it correctly you should get -321.07 degrees Fahrenheit. So, 77 Kelvin is equivalent to that number in degrees Fahrenheit.