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Solution: Classify each of the listed properties of ozone (a pollutant...


Classify each of the listed properties of ozone (a pollutant in the lower atmosphere, but part of a protective shield against UV light in the upper atmosphere) as physical or chemical. 

a. bluish color

b. pungent odor

c. very reactive

d. decomposes on exposure to ultraviolet light 

e. gas at room temperantre

Video Transcript

So, in this question we need to identify certain properties of ozone are chemical or physical, so remember if we change the chemical composition of the compound the bonds will change and create something new that represents a chemical property if it doesn't change the chemical makeup of the compound then it represents a physical property so let's go through this question, so for the first one here they're saying that it has a bluish color, OK? The fact that it's blue the way it looks it's a physical property. For the next one B they said it has a pungent odor, right? So, it doesn't smell so good so here we're going to say odor is based on the composition of the molecules but here we're not changing the composition of those molecules they are what they are so this represents a physical property. Next, they're saying that it's reactive, here when we're talking about reactions or reactive that means it's going to undergo some type of process and in that process its chemical makeup gets changed so that we're present a chemical property. For the next one they say that it decomposes so we have decomposition when we expose it to ultraviolet light so if you're decomposing you're breaking down so we're breaking down bonds so if you're affecting the bonds in any way it's a chemical property. And then finally it's a gas so here they're talking about it being a gas, a liquid or solid at a particular temperature then that's a physical property. So, remember if it affects the bonds in any way to create something new that's a chemical property if it doesn't affect the chemical bonds then it's a physical property.