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Problem: Based on electronegativities, which of the following would you expect to be most ionic?A. CF4B. CaF2C. CH4D. N2E. CO2

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Establish how to find the electronegative difference and determine which among the compounds is most ionic

Recall that dipole moment refers to the electronegativity difference in a bond/molecule. This means the molecule with the largest dipole moment has the largest electronegativity difference.

Recall that bonds can be classified acc. to their EN difference as:


Electronegativity Difference        

              (ΔEN)                                     Bond Classification

Zero (0.0)                                          Pure Covalent
Small (0.1 – 0.4)                                Nonpolar Covalent
Intermediate (0.4  – 1.7)                    Polar Covalent
Large (Greater than 1.7)                  Ionic               

By calculating the electronegative difference, we can determine which bond/compound has the most ionic. The higher the EN difference, the more ionic it is

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Based on electronegativities, which of the following would you expect to be most ionic?

A. CF4

B. CaF2

C. CH4

D. N2

E. CO2

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