Chemistry / Filtration
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Solution: Explain how distillation works to separate mixtures.  ...


Explain how distillation works to separate mixtures. 

Video Transcript

Hey guys, here we're asked what kind of mixtures can be separated by filtration? So here filtration, filtration is just a separation technique. Now here the answer would be a mixture that's composed of a solid and a liquid. A solid and a liquid mixture would be the ideal mixture to be separated through filtration so let's say you have a beaker in this beaker we have the water portion and then here we also have a solid and I want to separate them from another so here we take a flask, OK? I'm not the best drawer, there goes a flask and what we're going to put here is we're going to put a funnel, OK? So, some kind of funnel and in this funnel, we'll put down filtration paper so filter paper and what happens here is I take this mixture and I throw it into here, the filter paper will stop the solid from passing through but the liquid portion will drip out so what I'll have at the end is I'll have that new flask fill the liquid portion and the filter paper stops the solid portion from coming along so the solid will deposit itself here on this filter paper and stop up here. So, filtration is the technique used to separate a mixture that is made up of a liquid and a solid.