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Problem: What is the electron configuration for the Ni 2+ ion?a. [Ar]3d84s2b. [Ar]3d104s2c. [Ar]3d74s1d. [Ar]3d8e. [Ar]3d64s2

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Identify the position of Ni in the periodic table and use it as a guide to determine the electron configuration of Ni2+ ion

Before we can do that, we have to first write the electron configuration of a neutral ground state nickel (Ni).

Determine the ground-state electron configuration of Nickel (Ni) by locating the position Ni in the periodic table.

Ground-state means that the element is in its lowest energy form (not in excited state). Neutral nickel means it has no charge, meaning no electrons are removed or added in the atom.

You see in the above illustration of the periodic table that Ni is in Period 4 and d-block

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What is the electron configuration for the Ni 2+ ion?

a. [Ar]3d84s2

b. [Ar]3d104s2

c. [Ar]3d74s1

d. [Ar]3d8

e. [Ar]3d64s2

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