Problem: Calculate the molar mass of Ba(C 2O4)2.a. 313.37 g/molb. 328.01 g/molc. 301.90 g/mold. 128.53 g/mole. 294.77 g/mol

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We are asked to calculate the molar mass of Ba(C2O4)2

Take note of the following:

  1. Gather atomic mass for each element from the periodic table 
  2. The subscript determines the number of moles of that element per mole of compound 
  3. If we have a subscript outside a bracket, we multiply that to each of the subscripts of each element. 

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Problem Details

Calculate the molar mass of Ba(C 2O4)2.

a. 313.37 g/mol

b. 328.01 g/mol

c. 301.90 g/mol

d. 128.53 g/mol

e. 294.77 g/mol