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Problem: Which of the following sets of names and compounds is incorrect?A. KN3     potassium azideB. LiCl     lithium chlorideC. NO     nitrogen oxideD. AlH3   aluminum hydrideE. CO     carbon monoxide

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We’re being asked to determine the incorrect name/formula among the choices. Recall that ionic compounds are usually composed of metal + nonmetal while covalent compounds are composed of exclusively nonmetals

The rules for naming binary ionic compounds are as follows:

1. The metal keeps its name and is named and written first.

– For transition metals, we use Roman numerals to denote its charge.

2. The nonmetal keeps its base name but has its ending changed to –ide.

– For polyatomic anions, the name will appear as is

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Which of the following sets of names and compounds is incorrect?

A. KN3     potassium azide
B. LiCl     lithium chloride
C. NO     nitrogen oxide
D. AlH3   aluminum hydride
E. CO     carbon monoxide

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