Problem: The radii of the species, Y, Y +, and Y – increase in the following order:A. Y+ < Y < Y –      B. Y + < Y – < Y      C. Y < Y – < Y+D. Y < Y+ < Y –      E. Y – < Y < Y +

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We’re being asked to rank the atom and ions in increasing ionic radius of Y, Y+ and Y-

Recall that ionic radius is the size of an ion. The trend for ionic radius is as follows: it increases from right to left and down a period in the periodic table. Ionic radius also increases with increasing number of electrons.

For this problem, we need to do the following:

Step 1: Determine the electrons in each species.

Step 2: Compare the charges if they are isoelectronic. 

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The radii of the species, Y, Y +, and Y  increase in the following order:

A. Y+ < Y < Y       B. Y + < Y  < Y      C. Y < Y  < Y+
D. Y < Y+ < Y       E. Y  < Y < Y +

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