Problem: Consider the following chemical equation:AaBb(s) → a A+ (aq) + b B- (aq)In this case, the Ksp is given by:a. Ksp = a [A+] b [B-]b. Ksp = ([A+] / a) ([B-] / b)c. Ksp = [A+] [B-] / [AaBb]d. Ksp = [A+]a [B-]be. Ksp = [A+]a [B-]b / [AaBb]

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We are provided with a chemical equation and we have to write the Ksp expression.

Ksp is called the solubility product and is it is an equilibrium constant for substances that dissociate in aqueous solutions.

Ksp is written just like an equilibrium constant:

K = ProductsReactants

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Consider the following chemical equation:

AaBb(s) → a A(aq) + b B(aq)

In this case, the Ksp is given by:

a. Ksp = a [A+] b [B-]

b. Ksp = ([A+] / a) ([B-] / b)

c. Ksp = [A+] [B-] / [AaBb]

d. Ksp = [A+]a [B-]b

e. Ksp = [A+]a [B-]b / [AaBb]

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