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Problem: Which combination of factors will affect the rate of the following reaction?Zn(s)  +  2HCl (aq)  →  ZnCl2(aq)  + H2(g)A. Temperature and surfaces onlyB. Temperature and concentration onlyC. Concentration and surface area onlyD. Temperature, concentration, and surface area

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We’re asked to determine which of the given factors affect the rate of the given chemical reaction.

Reaction rates are influenced by 4 factors:

1. Concentration: for a reaction to occur, molecules must collide.

Increasing the number of molecules in a container increases their collisions and thereby causes the rate to increase.

2. Surface area: the greater the surface area, the greater the chance for the reaction to occur and the faster the reaction can occur.

The surface area depends on the geometry or structure of the compound.

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Which combination of factors will affect the rate of the following reaction?

Zn(s)  +  2HCl (aq)  →  ZnCl2(aq)  + H2(g)

A. Temperature and surfaces only

B. Temperature and concentration only

C. Concentration and surface area only

D. Temperature, concentration, and surface area

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