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Problem: Given the following reaction:Zn + CuCl2 → ZnCl 2 + CuHow many grams of ZnCl 2 will be produced from 7.00 g of Zn and 8.00 g of CuCl 2_____ grams (round to three significant figures)

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We’re being asked to calculate the mass of carbon dioxide, ZnCl 2 , that will be formed in the reaction. First, we need to find the chemical equation:

Zn + CuCl2 → ZnCl 2 + Cu 

Make sure that the reaction is balanced: 

          Reactants        Products

Zn            1                       1                  

Cu           1                        1

Cl           2                        2

Now that we have a balanced equation, we can determine how much ZnCl 2  is produced.

Notice that we are given the mass of both reactants: this means we need to determine the limiting reactant, which is the reactant that forms the less amount of product. This is because once the limiting reactant is all used up, the reaction can no longer proceed and make more products.

This means the limiting reactant determines the maximum mass of the product formed.

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Problem Details

Given the following reaction:

Zn + CuCl2 → ZnCl 2 + Cu

How many grams of ZnCl 2 will be produced from 7.00 g of Zn and 8.00 g of CuCl 2

_____ grams (round to three significant figures)

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