Problem: What is the unabbreviated electron configuration of gold?

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Electronic configuration of Elements is the distribution of electrons within the orbitals of its atom which relates to its chemical and physical properties

So, we write the electronic configuration of an element using different rules and principles and according to the Aufbau Principle:

’You first have to totally fill in the lowest energy level electron orbital before moving to the next.’’

It means the 1s shell is filled before the 2s subshell is occupied. In this way, the electrons of an atom or ion form the most stable electron configuration possible.

A subshell is a subdivision of electron shells separated by electron orbitals. Subshells are labeled as s, p, d, and f in an electron configuration. 

can contain maximum of 2 electrons

p can contain 6 electrons, 

d can contain 10 electrons and 

f can contain 14 electrons. 

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What is the unabbreviated electron configuration of gold?

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