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Problem: Predict which member of each pair produces the more acidic aqueous solution?Al3 +  or Ga3 + .

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We’re asked to predict which ion: Al3+ or Ga3 produces the more acidic aqueous solution.

Recall that when comparing the acidity of cations in solution:

  • The higher the positive charge  more acidic solution 

  • The smaller the cationic radius (ionic size) → more acidic solution 

Since both cations have the same charge, we will compare their ionic radius using periodic trends to determine the smaller cation which produces a more acidic solution. 

Recall that ionic radius is the size of an ion. The trend for ionic radius or size is as follows: it increases from right to left and down a period in the periodic table:

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Problem Details

Predict which member of each pair produces the more acidic aqueous solution?

Al3 +  or Ga3 + .

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