Problem: Determine the pH of each of the following solutions.0.21 M KCHO2

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We are being asked to calculate the pH of 0.21 M KCHO2.

KCHO2 is an ionic compound and will break up into its ions in the solution:

KCHO2(aq)  K+(aq) + CHO2-

• main group metals should have a +3 charge or higher to be considered acidic. K+ has only a +1 charge and is a neutral ion so it will not contribute to the pH of the solution

• CHO2- is the conjugate base of the weak acid CHO2H

CHO2H(aq)   +   H2O(l)       CHO2-(aq)   +    H3O+(aq)                     Ka = 1.8x10-4           
(weak acid)                        (conjugate base)

      **Ka value can be found in books or online sources

CHO2- also acts as weak base and can ionize in the solution to form the weak acid

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Determine the pH of each of the following solutions.

0.21 M KCHO2