Problem: Consider the data presented below. Time  (s) 04080120160Moles of A0.1000.0670.0450.0300.020Determine whether the reaction is first order or second order.

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We’re being asked to determine a reaction is first order or second order based on the data given.

Recall the first order and second order integrated rate law and their graph:

The integrated rate law for a first-order reaction is as follows:



[A]t = concentration at time t
k = rate constant
t = time
[A]0 = initial concentration

The plot of ln [A] vs. t is linear which shows first-order reaction:

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Problem Details
Consider the data presented below.

 Time  (s04080120160
Moles of A0.1000.0670.0450.0300.020

Determine whether the reaction is first order or second order.

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