Problem: Place the species below in order of the shortest to the longest nitrogen–oxygen bond.H2NOH, N2O, NO+, NO2-, NO3- (H2NOH exists as H2N—OH.)

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Recall that the bond energy determines the strength of the bond in a compound.

▪ the higher the bond energy, the higher is the energy required to break up the molecule/compound into its individual atoms
higher bond energy higher bond strength

The bond strength also determines the distance between the atoms

▪ the stronger the bonds, the closer or the smaller the distance between the atoms
higher bond strength shorter bond length    

The bond length can also be determined by the type of bond between the atoms

single bond (–X–X–) → longest bond length
double bond (–X=X–) → shorter than a single bond
triple bond (–X≡X–) → shortest bond length
smaller atomic radius shorter bond length

The Lewis Structures of the given compounds are:


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Place the species below in order of the shortest to the longest nitrogen–oxygen bond.

H2NOH, N2O, NO+, NO2-, NO3

(H2NOH exists as H2N—OH.)

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