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Problem: Consider the ionic compounds KF, NaCl, NaBr, and LiCl.Use ionic radii to estimate the cation-anion distance for each compound.

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We’re asked to estimate the cation-anion distance for each compound using the given ionic radii

Recall that we can estimate the cation-anion distance by getting the sum of the ionic radius of the cation and anion in an ionic compound.

The ionic radius of each ion in each given compound can be found on the given table.

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Consider the ionic compounds KF, NaCl, NaBr, and LiCl.

A table compares sizes of atoms t their cation or anion. Period 2 Group 1A contains Li 1.28 and Li cation 0.90.  Period 3 Group 1A Na 1.66 and Na+ 1.16.  Period 4 Group 1A K 2.03 and K+ 1.52.  Period 5 Group 1A Rb 2.20 and Rb+ 1.66. Period 2 Group 2A contains Be 0.96 and Be2+ 0.59.  Period 3 Group 2A contains Mg 1.41 and Mg2+ 0.86. Period 4 Group 2A contains Ca 1.76 and Ca2+ 1.76.  Period 5 contains Sr 1.95 and Sr2+ 1.32. Period 2 Group 3A contains B 0.84 and B3+ 0.41.  Period 3 Group 3A contains Al 1.21 and Al3+ 0.68. Period 4 contains Ga 1.22 and Ga3+ 0.76.  Period 5 contains In 1.42 and In3+ 0.94. Period 2 Group 6A contains O 0.66 and O2- 1.26. Period 3 Group 6A contains S 1.05 and S2- 1.70. Period 4 contains Se 1.20 and Se2- 1.84.  Period 5 Te 1.38 and Te2- 2.07. Period 2 Group 7A contains F 0.57 and F- 1.19.  Period 3 Group 7A contains Cl 1.02 and Cl- 1.67.  Period 4 contains Br 1.20 and Br- 1.82.  Period 5 I 1.39 and I- 2.06.

Use ionic radii to estimate the cation-anion distance for each compound.

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