Problem: Which compound has a higher magnitude lattice energy: NaCl or MgCl2?

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We are being asked to identify which compound has a higher magnitude lattice energy between NaCl and MgCl2

Ionic Bond Energy = |cation charge·anion charge|cationradius +anion radius

Radius = period number

To determine the cation and anion charge, recall that some elements have common charges based on what group they belong to on the periodic table:

Group 1A        +1 charge
Group 2A        +2 charge
Group 3A        +3 charge
Group 4A        typically do not gain or lose e- until Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb)
Group 5A        -3 charge
Group 6A        -2 charge
Group 7A        -1 charge

For their cation and anion radius, refer to the periodic table to determine which period the atom belongs to

Calculate the Lattice Energy (Ionic Bond Energy) of each compound given:



▪ Group 1A → +1 charge → Na+
▪ Period = 3


▪ Group 7A → -1 charge → Cl-
▪ Period = 3

Ionic Bond Energy = |cation charge·anion charge|cationradius +anion radiusIonic Bond Energy = |+1·-1|3 +3Ionic Bond Energy = 16

Ionic Bond Energy = 0.17 

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Which compound has a higher magnitude lattice energy: NaCl or MgCl2?

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