Problem: Bomb calorimeter.Why is a stirrer used in calorimeters?

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We’re asked to explain why a stirrer is used in calorimeters.

Recall that a calorimeter is used for calorimetry, the process of measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes.   

A bomb calorimeter measures the amount of heat in terms of calories (Cal) or Joules (J) within a substance through combustion.

Each component of a bomb calorimeter is labeled in the given diagram. 

The function of each component are enumerated below:

  • thermometer → used to measure the temperature of the liquid
  • water → liquid that undergoes heat transfer or will absorb heat coming from a combustion reaction
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A diagram shows an insulated container filled with water, inside of which is the reaction chamber (bomb) containing the sample.  Sample ignitions wires (positive and negative) reach into the bomb, while a stirrer and thermometer reach into the insulated container.
Bomb calorimeter.

Why is a stirrer used in calorimeters?

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