Matter & Mixtures

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes, with the atom being its basic functional unit. 


Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass

Under appropriate conditions of pressure and temperature, most substances can exist in 3 states of matter.

Concept: Volume, compressibility and viscosity of phases of matter 


The closeness of molecules within the three phases of matter affects how they respond to changes in volume, pressure and temperature. 


Concept: Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous Mixtures


Physical & Chemical Changes

Concept: Physical vs. Chemical Changes


A physical change involves a change in the phases of matter, whereas a chemical change involves a change in chemical bonds. 

Example: Which of the following represents a physical change? 

Alkanes burn spontaneously.

The sublimation of CO2.

2 H2 (g) +  O2 (g) ----> 2 H2O (g)

The rusting of a car.