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Ch.1 - Intro to General Chemistry
Ch.2 - Atoms & Elements
Ch.3 - Chemical Reactions
BONUS: Lab Techniques and Procedures
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Ch.4 - Chemical Quantities & Aqueous Reactions
Ch.5 - Gases
Ch.6 - Thermochemistry
Ch.7 - Quantum Mechanics
Ch.8 - Periodic Properties of the Elements
Ch.9 - Bonding & Molecular Structure
Ch.10 - Molecular Shapes & Valence Bond Theory
Ch.11 - Liquids, Solids & Intermolecular Forces
Ch.12 - Solutions
Ch.13 - Chemical Kinetics
Ch.14 - Chemical Equilibrium
Ch.15 - Acid and Base Equilibrium
Ch.16 - Aqueous Equilibrium
Ch. 17 - Chemical Thermodynamics
Ch.18 - Electrochemistry
Ch.19 - Nuclear Chemistry
Ch.20 - Organic Chemistry
Ch.22 - Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Ch.23 - Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds

Test your skills on the following problems.


Practice: How many milligrams of NaCN are required to prepare 712 mL of 0.250 M NaCN?

Practice: What volume (in μL) of 0.100 M HBr contains 0.170 moles of HBr?

Practice: How many moles of Ca2+ ions are in 0.100 L of a 0.450 M solution of Ca3(PO4)2?

Practice: How many chloride ions are present in 65.5 mL of 0.210 M AlCl3 solution?

Dilution Reactions

Practice: To what final volume would 100 mL of 5.0 M KCl have to be diluted in order to make a solution that is 0.54 M KCl?

Practice: If 880 mL of water is added to 125.0 mL of a 0.770 M HBrO4 solution what is the resulting molarity?

Titration Reactions

Practice: Consider the following balanced redox equation:

H2O + 2 MnO4  + 3 SO32– ----> 2 MnO2 + 3 SO42– + 2 OH 

How many grams of MnO(MW: 86.94 g/mol) are produced when 32.0 mL of 0.615 M MnO4 (MW: 118.90 g/mol) reacts with excess water and sulfite?

Practice: Iron (III) can be oxidized by an acidic K2Cr2O7 solution according to the net ionic equation:

Cr2O72– + 6 Fe2+ + 14 H+ ----->  2 Cr3+ + 6 Fe3+ + 7 H2O

If it takes 35.0 mL of 0.250 M FeCl2 to titrate 50 mL of a solution containing Cr2O72–, what is the molar concentration of Cr2O72–?

Practice: Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid, CH3COOH, dissolved in water. A 5.54 g sample of vinegar was neutralized by 30.10 mL of 0.100 M NaOH. What is the percent by weight of acetic acid in the vinegar?

Practice: What is the molar mass of a 0.350 g sample of a monoprotic acid if it requires 50.0 mL of 0.440 M Ca(OH)2 to completely neutralize it?

Molecular, Total Ionic & Net Ionic Equations

Example #1: Give the complete ionic equation for the reaction (if any) that occurs when aqueous   solutions of sodium sulfide and copper (II) nitrate are mixed.

Example #2: Give the net ionic equation for the reaction (if any) that occurs when aqueous solutions of H2SO4 and KOH are mixed.

Example #3: Give the net ionic equation for the reaction (if any) that occurs when aqueous solutions of   Na2CO3 and HCl are mixed.