Chemical Bonds

A chemical bond is the connection of different elements through the sharing, transferring or pooling of electrons. 

Types of Chemical Bonds

An ionic bond involves the transferring of an electron from one element to another element. 

A covalent bond involves the sharing of electron(s) between elements. 

A metallic "bond" isn't really a bond. Think of electrons as being loosely connected or "pooling"  on the surface of many metals. 

Depending on the element or elements involved we can describe bonds as forming: atomic elements, molecular elements, molecular compounds or ionic compounds. 

Problem: Describe each of the following as either a(n): atomic element, molecular element, molecular compound or ionic compound.



The Ionic Bonding Model

An ionic bond forms when a cation and anion combine because of their opposite charges. 

Problem: Determine the molecular formula of the compound formed from each of the following ions.