The Lipid Bilayer
Membrane Proteins

Concept #1: Types of Lipids

Concept #2: Bilayer Composition and Asymmetry

Concept #3: Bilayer Formation and Fluidity

Concept #4: Lipid Assembly

Practice: Which of the following is not a form of lipid movement in the bilayer?

Practice: Of the following lipids, which of the following is most rigid?

Practice: Of the following movements a lipid can do in a membrane, which is the most rare?

Practice: When the cytosolic face of a vesicle membrane fuses with the cytosolic face of the plasma membrane, all of the lipids found in the cytosolic face remain facing the cytoplasm.

Practice: In which cellular compartment are lipids synthesized?

Practice: Which of the following molecules is able to increase the rigidity and decrease the flexibility of a membrane?