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Ch. 13 - Intracellular Protein TransportWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Overview of Cell Biology
Ch. 2 - Chemical Components of Cells
Ch. 3 - Energy
Ch. 4 - DNA, Chromosomes, and Genomes
Ch. 5 - DNA to RNA to Protein
Ch. 6 - Proteins
Ch. 7 - Gene Expression
Ch. 8 - Membrane Structure
Ch. 9 - Transport Across Membranes
Ch. 10 - Anerobic Respiration
Ch. 11 - Aerobic Respiration
Ch. 12 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 13 - Intracellular Protein Transport
Ch. 14 - Cell Signaling
Ch. 15 - Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement
Ch. 16 - Cell Division
Ch. 17 - Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Ch. 18 - Cell Junctions and Tissues
Ch. 19 - Stem Cells
Ch. 20 - Cancer
Ch. 21 - The Immune System
Ch. 22 - Techniques in Cell Biology
Membrane Enclosed Organelles
Protein Sorting
ER Processing and Transport
Golgi Processing and Transport
Vesicular Budding, Transport, and Coat Proteins
Targeting Proteins to the Mitochondria and Chloroplast
Lysosomal and Degradation Pathways
Endocytic Pathways
Plant Vacuole

Concept #1: Leaving the ER

Concept #2: Golgi Structure

Concept #3: Golgi Protein Modifications

Concept #4: Golgi Protein Transport

Practice: Which of the following is not a method of Golgi transport?

Practice: Which side of the Golgi faces the endoplasmic reticulum?

Practice: True or False: Each Golgi cisternae matures by moving upwards through the Golgi.

Practice: Which of the following transport moves molecules from the plasma membrane to the Golgi?