ER Processing and Transport

Concept: ER Import


Concept: Inserting Membrane Proteins


Concept: ER Protein Modifications


Problem: Match the following term with its definition 

I. Co-translational import     ______________________ 

II. Post-translational import ______________________ 

III. ER retention signal         ______________________ 

IV. Translocon                      ______________________ 

A. Pore in the ER membrane that binds SRP and SRPR to translocate the protein into ER

B. Signal sequence located on the C-terminus and keeps proteins within the ER 

C. Process of importing proteins into the ER as they’re being translated 

D. importing proteins into the ER after they’ve been translated


Problem: Which of the following is responsible for recognizing the ER signal sequence?


Problem: A protein contains 5 start/stop transfer sequences. How many times will this protein cross the membrane?


Problem: Glycosylation of proteins in the ER is associated with which of the following molecules or responses?