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Ch.1: Pre-Calc (Part 1)
Ch.2: Pre-Calc (Part 2)
Ch.3: Pre-Calc (Part 3)
Ch.4: Limits (Part 1)
Ch.5: Limits (Part 2)
Ch.6: Derivatives (Part 1)
Ch.7: Derivatives (Part 2)
Ch.8: Applications of Derivatives (Part 1)
Ch.9: Applications of Derivatives (Part 2)
Ch.10: Applications of Derivatives (Part 3)
Ch.11: Integrals
Representation of a Function
Word Problems as Functions
Types of Functions
Rational Functions
Computing Domain
Domain & Range

Practice: Maria is planning on renting a car for 7 days to visit Disney World. She is landing in Miami and was looking at two rental companies. Company A charges $50 a day and 15 cents per mile. Company B charges $60 and charges 10 cents per mile. She plans to drive 1000 miles total. What company should she use?

Practice: Larry has to make an open top box with a sheet of cardboard with dimension 30 by 12. He is to cut out equal squares of side x at each corner, then fold up each side. Express the volume V of the box as a function of x.