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Ch.1: Pre-Calc (Part 1)
Ch.2: Pre-Calc (Part 2)
Ch.3: Pre-Calc (Part 3)
Ch.4: Limits (Part 1)
Ch.5: Limits (Part 2)
Ch.6: Derivatives (Part 1)
Ch.7: Derivatives (Part 2)
Ch.8: Applications of Derivatives (Part 1)
Ch.9: Applications of Derivatives (Part 2)
Ch.10: Applications of Derivatives (Part 3)
Ch.11: Integrals
Representation of a Function
Word Problems as Functions
Types of Functions
Rational Functions
Computing Domain
Domain & Range

Concept #1: Intro to Functions

Practice: Brian has been working out is losing 4 pounds every week and is currently 160 pounds. Express his weight numerically over the next 4 weeks.

Practice: Express f(x)=-x^2+3 visually,