Official course description: Covers the same topics as PHY 107, but in greater depth. This course is intended for potential physics majors, students in the Honors College, and advanced students in other majors (with permission from the instructor). It is especially appropriate for students who have taken AP Physics C in high school. It will cover similar topics as PHY 107 but with several significant differences. The class will be taught at a level comfortable for students who would receive a B or higher in a typical PHY 107 class. Because of the higher average GPA of students in this class, grading will be adjusted to reflect this quality, rather than following the conventional curves used for PHY 107. Introductory materials, such as review of trigonometry, vectors and calculus, in PHY 107 will not be covered. This leaves room to expose students to a wider range of interesting applications of Newtonian mechanics, and recent developments in topics such as relativity and cosmology. The class size is limited, to encourage interactive learning and communications between students and the instructor.

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