Not enough college students vote. Just 48% of students voted in the 2016 presidential election. And just 43% of STEM majors voted. For midterm elections, like the one quickly approaching, the numbers are even worse. Only 18% of college students voted in the 2014 midterm election. Conversely, 70% of retirees vote. Do you think those retirees are accurately representing your interests?

Below you’ll find two things. The first is a graphic of all the voter registration dates by state. Many of these dates are quickly approaching! Find your state and make sure you’re registered to vote. We don’t have much time. Luckily you can register online in 38 states. And in 10 more states you can register in person on the same day that you vote.

Register to vote before the deadline. Show up to vote on November 6th. We’re not going to tell you who to vote for. But you have a right to vote. Exercise it.

Register while there’s still time!

Here’s information on how to register to vote from each and every state

Alabama (register online)

Alaska (register online)

Arizona (register online)

Arkansas (mail–boooo)

California (register online)

Colorado (register online)

Connecticut (register online)

Delaware (register online)

District of Columbia (online)

Florida (online)

Georgia (online)

Hawaii (online)

Idaho (online)

Illinois (online)

Indiana (online)

Iowa (online)

Kansas (online)

Kentucky (online)

Louisiana (online)

Maine (mail–boooooo)

Maryland (online)

Massachusetts (online)

Michigan (mail-booooo)

Minnesota (online)

Mississippi (mail–booooo)

Missouri (online)

Montana (mail–booooo)

Nebraska (online)

Nevada (online) 

New Hampshire BOOOOOO. For New Hampshire you actually have to contact your local election office to request a registration form. They send you a form, then you fill it out and mail it back. In 2018. Just sayin’.

New Jersey (mail–booo)

New Mexico (online)

New York (online)

North Carolina (mail–booooo)

North Dakota doesn’t have voter registration. Just show up and vote. Seriously.

Ohio (online)

Oklahoma (online)

Oregon (online)

Pennsylvania (online)

Rhode Island (online)

South Carolina (online)

South Dakota (mail–boooooo)

Tennessee (online)

Texas (mail–boooooo)

Utah (online)

Vermont (online)

Virginia (online)

Washington (online)

West Virginia (online)

Wisconsin (online)

Wyoming (mail–boooooo)

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