Alkene Reactions

So you’ve finally started your exploration into the wonderful world of alkenes. Over time you’ll hopefully realize that they not only form an important topic within your organic chemistry course, but in numerous places of your everyday life. For example, Read more…


Register to vote before time runs out!

Not enough college students vote. Just 48% of students voted in the 2016 presidential election. And just 43% of STEM majors voted. For midterm elections, like the one quickly approaching, the numbers are even worse. Only 18% of college students voted in the 2014 midterm election. Conversely, 70% of retirees vote. Do you think those retirees are accurately representing your interests?


Michelle – Clutch Prep’s First STEM Scholarship Recipient

This summer, Clutch Prep offered our first ever STEM Scholarship to one undergraduate student who shows passion and extraordinary commitment to the STEM field. We are proud to officially announce that Michelle, from Villanova University, is our first recipient of the $1,500 award.

After reading Michelle’s story about what motivates her to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine, the selection committee at Clutch Prep unanimously agreed to select her as the first recipient of our many scholarships. Let’s get to know her a little better!


Medical School

Applying to Medical School

This entry is based on students who have already completed their MCAT and leaves out any information regarding Pre-health committee specifics. For information on those topics (MCAT and/or Pre-health Committee), see our other entries.

So, you want to be a doctor? As a pre-med, envisioning that letter of acceptance to medical school is the stuff of daily fantasy. Some pre-meds are neurotic enough to know every single requirement for applying to medical school by the first week of their undergrad career (yes, I was this neurotic pre-med). You may know what med schools require of their applicants but are you aware of the entire application process? Applying to medical school is long and arduous, with seemingly endless deadlines and requirements. In order for you to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible, I have prepared an outline of the entire process of applications. This outline should not be your only resource when you are going through your applications. It is, however, a great introduction into what you should be expecting in your near future.


Medical School

Med School: Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of advising students I’ve noticed many similar questions that are shared among pre-meds. I will continue to update this list so send any questions you may have.

Should I apply late or apply next year?

The most accurate answer for this question is, it depends. There are many factors that would guide me toward advising students to do one or the other but generally the safer route is to apply early next year. There are reasons for this.


Medical School

Success and Failure in Medical School

Med school is no picnic, everyone knows that. What is especially hard about medical school is that it is filled with ~120 very intelligent, very driven people. Everybody in the room is used to being at the top of their class in undergraduate, used to being the smartest in the room, and many of them are in for a rude awakening. 30 of them will find themselves in a very unfamiliar situation, being at the bottom of the class.



Medical School

What’s Medical School REALLY like?

So a lot of my students want to know what its like to be in Medical School, and I’ll admit I was curious when I was a pre-med too.

Overall, what’s med school like?

It’s intense. It is a LOT of work. My school has tests nearly every other week for the first two years so you’re constantly in study mode. You adjust though; you learn how to scrape together time here and there for personal relaxation, to run errands, or to get other stuff done. Time management really is key, along with staying motivated.