Meet Clutch Prep’s 2018 Engineering Scholarship recipient, Alec Jobbins!  He’s a third-year Engineering student at Berkley College and we want to share his story with you!

Alec was born and raised in rural Lake Taho, California. In high school, he was involved with various sports and thus wanted to pursue a career on the Physical Therapy track. However, it wasn’t until taking an AutoCAD course where he was introduced to all the exciting and interesting things engineering has to offer. His teacher had previously worked at Intel and taught the students everything there is to know about 3D modeling programs, 3D prototyping and printing, robotics and software of the like. Needless to say, Alec became fascinated and his whole career path changed. “It’s interesting to me how you can create something in a 3D software without actually having to physically prototype it. I became really interested in just building things. That’s when I switched career paths from biology to mechanical engineering pretty much right before [college] applications, were due!” remembers Alec.

“My interest in engineering developed gradually during my childhood, until I eventually had an insatiable interest in the mechanics behind modern technology. While I was unknowingly exploring elementary optimization by folding origami, learning to use critical thinking to understand the mechanics of everyday objects designing structures with my Destination Imagination team, or marveling at the capabilities of the CAD program; I became fascinated with the abilities of engineering.”

Outside of his studies, Alex is involved with Berkley’s FSAE – Formula Racing where he serves as a member of the aerodynamics subsystem and will continue on to serve as one of the aerodynamics leads this upcoming year. He also enjoys running and skiing in his free time from his hectic schedule.

Our team was also very impressed with his analysis of an engineering technology he thinks will benefit and change the world – Autonomous vehicles. “I’m currently in a control system class for my undergraduate degree and what’s most fascinating is that you can basically create something that’s smarter than you are. you can create something that can to correct itself,  fix its own errors, balance itself and it will continue to operate all on its own.”

Within the next 10 years, autonomous vehicles will be the mainstream in new car production. In just a few years, most cars will come with safety features such as collision avoidance, a built-in internet connection, and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to grid communications. Cars will actually have the ability to communicate with one another, thereby perceiving dangers and avoiding collisions. Automobiles will have the ability to see its surroundings in real time. We already have driver-assist features such as self-braking systems, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, which in time will turn into a full autopilot system.

Post graduation, Alec intends to continue his education by attending graduate school. He then hopes to work in a company that works with autonomous vehicles specifically working on the control systems. “That’s the goal”

Good luck, Alec, and congrats on winning our scholarship!

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