Are you scared that you might not pass? You might not be alone, there is a historic failure rate of 21.7% (2000-2012). Only 25% of the students who fail will ever pass the course [1]. These are the main reasons students fail at chemistry.

1. Insufficient math background


Chemistry problems involve lots of unit conversion, and American schools do a bad job teaching unit, or dimensional, analysis. Once you master that, however, I am guessing the chemistry problem sets will not seem so impossible.

2. Studying last minute


Studying last minute is another big culprit why students fail at Chemistry, learning all those formulas at the last minute may not be the best way to learn things.

3. Trying to memorize and not understand


Memorizing is a good way to get bad grades, not understand where to apply that formula in chemistry is one of the biggest mistakes students make when they panic in their exams.

4. Not doing their own homework


We all have googled that question on our homework because we didn’t plan to do our homework. This is might be one of the reasons that people think they understand chemistry but they just know where they can find the answers. Ain’t nobody gonna help for that exam.

5. Not doing enough practice problems


Chemistry problems come in all shapes and sizes, and only practice will let you solve ’em all. Knowing when to use that weird formula is as important as remembering your table of elements.




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Sid Chhatani

Sid is the Product Designer at Clutch Prep. He spends time talking to students to understand their problems with studying.

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