Bad grades happen to all of us, but there are different reasons all of us might have. Here are the 3 common reasons students get bad grades

1. Textbook is hard to understand


This is the most common reason why student get bad grades, the textbook has a lot of content that doesn’t directly explain things to them. Given the amount of student participation required, textbooks just take too much time.

2. Professors aren’t clear in their explanations


Some professors are not great at explaining all their content, while others don’t want to explain everything. You might have heard this before “You should have learned that last year, so I’m not going to explain it over again.”

3. Lack of good notes


Bad notes are a big problem. It’s hard to synthesize all the information. Professor doesn’t have printed notes, or notes you might have taken don’t help you for your tests.


How do we solve these problems?


1. Visual explanations help get over boring textbooks

Remember when your friend was explaining you that concept before the exam. Drawing on their book and visualizing the concepts. That worked well because people need visual cues to follow through a lot of times.

We have videos for every single topic based on your textbook, yeah you read that right.

Clutch Prep has videos that will walk you through every single concept with a visual cue that you can follow along with our Worksheets, and the best part you can pause, rewind and take your time. Watch this video if you don’t believe me.


2. Explanations that walk you through all assumptions

We know how hard it can be to remember everything, so all our tutors will walk you through each and every problem

I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet, YOU CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THEM THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAMS. 

… remember those nights before exams sitting in library by yourself trying to figure that answer out. You don’t have to do it anymore.

3. We have all the worksheets available for download

I mean look at that worksheet. You can watch the videos and take notes on the same worksheet as our tutors, which makes it easy to follow and you always know how much is left.

Let us know in the comments how do you go about addressing these problems of boring textbooks, or bad professors.


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Sid Chhatani

Sid is the Product Designer at Clutch Prep. He spends time talking to students to understand their problems with studying.

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