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How To Write The Perfect Personal Statement For Med School

Med School Personal Statements

Every pre-med is aware of the requirement of writing a personal statement before applying to medical school.  Every pre-med also knows how dreaded this essay is.  The personal statement can be one of the toughest parts of your application because it will likely amount to one of the most challenging essays you’ve ever written.  In 5300 characters or less (strictly), you are required to show medical school Admissions Committees (adcoms) why you are worthy of an interview and acceptance without sounding like a pretentious a-hole.  This is no easy feat.

Even though it may be tough, it is very important to submit your application with an excellent personal statement.  The PS is the first introduction that adcoms get to you as a person.  In this essay, you typically answer the question, “Why medicine?”  The way in which you choose to answer this question, while displaying your admirable personal qualities and accomplishments, is what can get tough.  The process of writing the statement usually involves several drafts with significant amounts of editing.  The time and effort are worth it, though, because a marginal personal statement is likely to cost you an interview.

So where do you begin?