Urry (2nd) Topics and Chapters that we cover

Ch.1 - Introduction: Evolution and the Foundations of Biology

Ch.10 - Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles

Ch.17 - Viruses

Ch.18 - Genomes and Their Evolution

Ch.20 - Phylogeny

Ch.21 - The Evolution of Populations

Ch.22 - The Origin of Species

Ch.23 - Broad Patterns of Evolution

Ch.25 - The Origin and Diversification of Eukaryotes

Ch.29 - Resource Acquisition, Nutrition, and Transport in Vascular Plants

Ch.30 - Reproduction and Domestication of Flowering Plants

Ch.31 - Plant Responses to Internal and External Signals

Ch.33 - Animal Nutrition

Ch.37 - Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling

Ch.39 - Motor Mechanisms and Behavior

Ch.40 - Population Ecology and the Distribution of Organisms

Ch.42 - Ecosystems and Energy

Ch.43 - Global Ecology and Conservation Biology