Phelan w/ Physio (3rd) Topics and Chapters that we cover

Ch.8 - Evolution and Natural Selection: Darwin's dangerous idea

Ch.10 - The Origin and Diversification of Life on Earth: Understanding Biodiversity

Ch.14 - Population Ecology: Planet at Capacity: Patters of population growth

Ch.15 - Ecosystems and Communities: organisms and their environments

Ch.16 - Conservation and Biodiversity: Human influences on the environment

Ch.17 - Plant Structure and Nutrient Support: How plants functions, and why we need them

Ch.18 - Growth and Reproduction in Plants: Problem solving with flowers and wood

Ch.19 - Plants respond to their environments: Defending and regulating while rooted in the ground

Ch.20 - Introduction to Animal Physiology: Principles of animal organization and function

Ch.21 - Circulation and Respiration: Transporting fuel, raw materials, and gasses into, out of, and...

Ch.22 - Nutrition and Digestion: At rest and at play: optimizing human physiological functioning

Ch.23 - Nervous and Motor Systems: Actions, reactions, sensations, and addictions: meet your...

Ch.24 - Hormones: Mood, emotions, growth, and more: hormones as master regulators

Ch.25 - Reproduction and Development: From two parents to one embryo to one baby

Ch.26 - Immunity and Health: How the body defends and maintains itself