Biology Biology: Concepts & Investigations
Biology: Concepts & Investigations

Biology: Concepts & Investigations Hoefnagels • 5th Edition • 978-1-260-25904-9

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Chapter 1: The Scientific Study of Life

Introduction to Biology Characteristics of Life Life's Organizational Hierarchy Natural Selection and Evolution Introduction to Taxonomy Scientific Method Experimental Design

Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life

Atoms- Smallest Unit of Matter Isotopes Introduction to Chemical Bonding Covalent Bonds Noncovalent Bonds Ionic Bonding Hydrogen Bonding Introduction to Water Properties of Water- Cohesion and Adhesion Properties of Water- Density Properties of Water- Thermal Properties of Water- The Universal Solvent Acids and Bases pH Scale Carbon Functional Groups Introduction to Biomolecules Monomers & Polymers Carbohydrates Proteins Nucleic Acids Lipids

Chapter 3: Cells

Microscopes Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells Introduction to Eukaryotic Organelles Endomembrane System: Protein Secretion Endomembrane System: Digestive Organelles Mitochondria & Chloroplasts Endosymbiotic Theory Introduction to the Cytoskeleton Cell Junctions

Chapter 4: The Energy of Life

Introduction to Energy Laws of Thermodynamics Chemical Reactions Redox Reactions ATP Enzymes Enzyme Activation Energy Enzyme Binding Factors Enzyme Inhibition Negative & Positive Feedback Biological Membranes Introduction to Membrane Transport Concentration Gradients and Diffusion Passive vs. Active Transport Osmosis Simple and Facilitated Diffusion Active Transport Endocytosis and Exocytosis

Chapter 5: Photosynthesis

Introduction to Photosynthesis Electromagnetic Spectrum Pigments of Photosynthesis Leaf & Chloroplast Anatomy Stages of Photosynthesis Light Reactions of Photosynthesis Calvin Cycle Photorespiration C3, C4 & CAM Plants Review of Photosynthesis

Chapter 6: Respiration and Fermentation

Introduction to Cellular Respiration Glycolysis Pyruvate Oxidation Krebs Cycle Electron Transport Chain Chemiosmosis Review of Aerobic Cellular Respiration Fermentation & Anaerobic Respiration

Chapter 7: DNA Structure and Gene Function

History of Genetic Research Gene Expression and the Genetic Code Transcription RNA Processing Translation Mutation Bacterial Gene Regulation Eukaryotic Gene Regulation

Chapter 8: DNA Replication, Binary Fisiion, and Mitosis

Introduction to Cell Division Organization of DNA in the Cell DNA Replication Introduction to the Cell Cycle Interphase Phases of Mitosis Cytokinesis Cell Cycle Regulation Review of the Cell Cycle Cancer

Chapter 9: Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis

Genes & Alleles Homologous Chromosomes Introduction to Meiosis Meiosis I Meiosis II Genetic Variation During Meiosis Mitosis & Meiosis Review Life Cycle of Sexual Reproducers

Chapter 10: Patterns of Inheritance

Mendel's Experiment Independent Assortment Extensions to Mendel Genetic Counseling Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance Chromosome Abnormalities and Non-Mendelian Inheritance Chromosome Abnormalities

Chapter 11: DNA Technology

DNA Cloning PCR and Dideoxy Sequencing DNA Fingerprinting