Hillis (2nd) Topics and Chapters that we cover

Ch.12 - Genomes

Ch.16 - Reconstructing and Using Phylogenies

Ch.17 - Speciation

Ch.18 - The History of Life on Earth

Ch.20 - The Origin and Diversification of Eukaryotes

Ch.22 - The Evolution and Diversity of Fungi

Ch.26 - Plant Growth and Development

Ch.27 - Reproduction of Flowering Plants

Ch.30 - Nutrition and Digestion

Ch.33 - Muscle and Movement

Ch.35 - Nervous and Endocrine Control

Ch.36 - Water and Salts: Excretion

Ch.37 - Animal Reproduction

Ch.40 - Animal Behavior

Ch.41 - The Distribution of Earths Ecological Systems

Ch.42 - Populations

Ch.43 - Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Interactions within and among Species

Ch.44 - Ecological Communities