Protist Lineages

Concept: Excavata and Archaeplastida (Plantae)


Concept: Stramenopila and Alveolata


Concept: Apicomplexans


Concept: Ciliates


Concept: Rhizarians and Amoebozoa


Protist Lineages Additional Practice Problems

How many of the following statements are correct?

The protist in this diagram...

is feeding through phagocytosis

is in the same supergroup as photosynthetic protists

has alveoli on its surface

is responsible for the human disease malaria

a. One is correct

b. Two are correct

c. Three are correct

d. Four are correct

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What is true of charophytes? 

a. They are the ancestors of green algae. 

b. They are examples of seedless vascular plants. 

c. They are the closest living algal relatives of land plants. 


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Which of the following depend on pseudopods for locomotion?

a. zooflagellates

b. ameboids

c. sporozoans

d. ciliates

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Green algae are believed to be closely related to the first plants because both groups _____.

a. possess chlorophylls a and b

b. have a cell wall that contains chitin

c. store reserve food as glycogen

d. All of these

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Brown algae store their reserve food as _____.

a. cellulose

b. laminarin

c. glycogen

d. chitin

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A red tide in the ocean is caused by an increase in the number of _____.

a. dinoflagellates

b. brown algae

c. euglenoids

d. diatoms

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The production of oxygen and food by the _____ contributes significantly to the health of the biosphere.

a. water molds

b. paramecium

c. diatoms

d. sporozoans

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Slime molds and water molds _____.

a. make their food by photosynthesis

b. ingest their food by phagocytosis

c. synthesize their food from inorganic material

d. None of these

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