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Test Crosses

Q. In tomatoes, the flesh can be either red or yellow. The following crosses involving plants of these two phenotypes are made.a. What phenotype is do...

Solved • Sep 10, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. In poultry, rose comb is controlled by a dominant allele and its recessive allele controls single comb.A.Give the genotype and phenotype produced f...

Solved • Aug 29, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. In swine, when a pure-breeding red is crossed to a pure-breeding white, the F1 are all red. However, the F2 shows 9/16 red, 1/16 white,and 6/16 are...

Solved • Aug 4, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. In Loch Ness Monsters, three humps is dominant to two humps, and fire-breathing ability is dominant to non-fire-breathing. I crossed a three-humped...

Solved • Aug 1, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. Mating oif two organisms produces a 1:1 ratio of phenotypes in the progeny. The parental genotypes are:A. Aa x AaB. Aa x aaC. AA x aaD. AA x AA

Solved • Jul 30, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. In guinea pigs, rough coat (R) is dominant over smooth coat (r). A rough coat-coated guinea pig is bred to a smooth one, giving 8 rough and 7 smoot...

Solved • Jul 5, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. If offspring exhibit a 3:1 phenotypic ratio, what are its parent's genotypes?

Solved • Jun 15, 2018

Test Crosses

Q. Feather color in budgies is determined by two different genes Y and B, one for pigment on the outside and one for the inside of the feather. YYBB, ...

Solved • Dec 1, 2017

Test Crosses

Q. Gray seed color in peas is dominant to white. Assume that Mendel conducted a series of experiments where plants with gray seeds were crossed among ...

Solved • Nov 15, 2017

Test Crosses

Q. A testcross is a mating of an individual with an unknown genotype and an individual that: a. Is heterozygousb. Is homozygous dominantc. Is homozygo...

Solved • Jul 26, 2017