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Plant Development

Q. Distinguish between the following types of plant responses to sunlight: solar tracking, photoblasty, photomorphogenesis, phototropism, photonasty, ...

Solved • Jul 6, 2018

Plant Development

Q. Discuss the meaning and significance of the term "stress relaxation" in relation to the process of plant cell expansion. Why is stress relaxation c...

Solved • Jun 25, 2018

Plant Development

Q. Why do some seeds require only (1/4) inch of soil to germinate? In other words why do some seeds NOT germinate if you plant them too deep?

Solved • May 2, 2018

Plant Development

Q. Beginning with the germination of a moss spore, what is the sequence of structures that develop after germination?1. embryo 2. gametes 3. sporophyt...

Solved • Nov 8, 2017

Plant Development

Q. The plant hormone auxin has affects on plant cells that area. growth inhibitoryb. growth stimulatoryc. both growth inhibitory and growth stimulator...

Solved • Aug 4, 2017