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Problem: During which stage of eukaryotic transcription do the following processes take place?1. RNA polymerase II binds to the promoter2. The RNA transcript is released3. The RNA transcript extendedA. 1-termination; 2-initiation; 3-elongationB. 1-initiation; 2-elongation; 3-terminationC. 1-elongation; 2-termination; 3- initiationD. 1-initiation; 2-termination; 3-elongationE. 1-termination; 2-elongation; 3-initiation

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Transcription is the creation of an RNA equivalent of a gene's DNA sequence prior to its expression. This process uses an RNA polymerase for the synthesis of this polynucleotide strand. 

There are three types of RNA polymerase: RNA polymerase I, II, and III. RNA polymerase I is used to synthesize rRNA except for the 5S rRNA; RNA polymerase II is the mots commonly used as it is for the synthesis of mRNA; and RNA polymerase II is for the synthesis of tRNA, as well as the 5S rRNA. 

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During which stage of eukaryotic transcription do the following processes take place?

1. RNA polymerase II binds to the promoter

2. The RNA transcript is released

3. The RNA transcript extended

A. 1-termination; 2-initiation; 3-elongation

B. 1-initiation; 2-elongation; 3-termination

C. 1-elongation; 2-termination; 3- initiation

D. 1-initiation; 2-termination; 3-elongation

E. 1-termination; 2-elongation; 3-initiation

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